Arizona Bound


Me and my mini are flying to Arizona to visit Hunters family. We are so super excited for the heat! We have to take advantage of every last little bit that we can get before it starts snowing. And it’s supposed to start snowing in Idaho Falls this coming Wednesday!!! So glad I’ll be soaking in the sun. Paisley does NOT like the cold one little bit. She loves that heat!

When I fly though, I like to be in comfortable clothing because who wants to ride in a small, squishy airplane in uncomfortable clothing? No one. So leggings and this sweatshirt are definitely the way to go. This sweatshirt is so soft! I love it! I just got it in the mail and immediately was excited to wear it. And you guys know how much I love my leggings! These leggings are my favorite of all time!! These are fuzzy on the inside so they keep me nice and warm during the winter..and summer..and all year long. Lol! And going through security is such a hassle when you have to take everything off, including your shoes. So I always wear sandals. Easy to get off and easy to slip back on. Especially having a baby I have to go through with too. Here’s to hoping that this plane ride goes well and that Paisley enjoys every minute of it!!


Camo For Days


Happy Tuesday guys! I can’t say enough good things about these camouflage pants. They are so comfortable and such a soft material. They have the cute zipper on the side that you are able to zip up and have a slit in the side or roll them up. Seriously they are phenomenal!! I can not recommend them enough! They are true to size.

This oversized, slouchy cardigan is a dream! Whenever it’s chilly in my house, I throw this bad boy on and it warms me up in a heartbeat. It’s not an uncomfortable fabric either. It’s even got pockets!! And it comes in so many colors! I love it! Amazon find, holla!! Of course I’m wearing my favorite sandals. They are still on sale so go snatch them! Even if it’s for next summer. I seriously wear mine like everyday and they seem to get more and more comfortable! Best outfit for fall!


Cooler Weather


The weather is cooling down and I love it. It just means getting to turn my fireplace on, and drinking hot cocoa. Fall is my favorite. I can’t say that enough. There are so many cute cardigans, and I have probably 15 pairs of boots. No joke! This top is one of my favorites because it is so flattering!! I told you guys I love black because it’s a slimming color and this is a slimming shirt. I love it. And I told you guys I live in leggings. I wasn’t kidding lol! These leggings are soft, and warm and I wear them to bed a good portion of the time. Lol!

This purse is too good. When I was about the have a baby, I didn’t want an ugly diaper bag so I bought this purse and guys. It holds like everything!! It’s stylish and is neutral colors so it can be worn with anything! It’s got the long strap or the two shorter straps to hold which I love. One of my fav purchases and it’s on Amazon so hello!! TWO DAY SHIPPING!

This jacket is such a good staple piece to go with so many items. You can pair it with so many things. And is perfect for fall, spring, and summer because it’s lightweight. And it’s under 50$!! Snatch it quickly guys. When you live somewhere that cold and snowy 80% of the year, you have to have a lot of boots! And this is one of my many pairs. Mine were purchased from JustFab a couple years ago and they don’t have them anymore. But I will link a boot that I think is really similar below!


Sweaters and Boots


Happy Friday guys! Let me tell you about this dress. It’s not even like a dress. It’s so soft and comfortable! I could live in it all day long!! Seriously, love it! Since it’s getting a little bit cooler outside, what’s better than pairing it with a sweater. So warm and a staple piece to pull any outfit together. I couldn’t find the exact cardigan so I’ll link a similar one that is almost identical. Ahh, love this combination. You could go out on the town or this dress is so comfortable that you could lay in bed and watch a movie in it. Seriously. These boots go with anything. And they have the cute zippers on the sides to give them a little bit of character. And they’re on sale!!! Snatch them quick!! Black is one of my favorite colors to wear! It goes with literally everything! One of the best fall combinations and is so flattering on everyone!!


Give Me All Things Fall


Guys, I think American Eagle has turned into one of my favorite places to go. Not just for jeans because you know I love their jeans, but for sweaters! Just look at this adorable sweater. It makes me warm both on the inside and outside. The color is such a great fall color. It’s the definition of fall. The slits on the side make it easy to tuck in. They don’t have this specific sweater top anymore so I will link one below that is very similar. And it’s just as soft, maybe even softer!

These pants are phenomenal! You can get them in multiple colors. They look like a jean with the adorable pockets in the back but definitely have the feels of leggings. You could roll them up like I have or style them with some boots. And these boots tie it all together. They are easy to slip on and so adorable. Love, love, love them!