Cooler Weather


The weather is cooling down and I love it. It just means getting to turn my fireplace on, and drinking hot cocoa. Fall is my favorite. I can’t say that enough. There are so many cute cardigans, and I have probably 15 pairs of boots. No joke! This top is one of my favorites because it is so flattering!! I told you guys I love black because it’s a slimming color and this is a slimming shirt. I love it. And I told you guys I live in leggings. I wasn’t kidding lol! These leggings are soft, and warm and I wear them to bed a good portion of the time. Lol!

This purse is too good. When I was about the have a baby, I didn’t want an ugly diaper bag so I bought this purse and guys. It holds like everything!! It’s stylish and is neutral colors so it can be worn with anything! It’s got the long strap or the two shorter straps to hold which I love. One of my fav purchases and it’s on Amazon so hello!! TWO DAY SHIPPING!

This jacket is such a good staple piece to go with so many items. You can pair it with so many things. And is perfect for fall, spring, and summer because it’s lightweight. And it’s under 50$!! Snatch it quickly guys. When you live somewhere that cold and snowy 80% of the year, you have to have a lot of boots! And this is one of my many pairs. Mine were purchased from JustFab a couple years ago and they don’t have them anymore. But I will link a boot that I think is really similar below!


S’more Clothes Please


Wow. That’s all I can say about this top. It’s so comfortable and oversized so you can have it tied in the front like I do or just have it loose fitting. I need s’more tops like this! Lol! Cara Loren sure knows what she’s doing by selling this top. She made it lounge friendly and what is better to lounge around in than leggings?! These leggings are comfortable, flattering, and suck everything in for this momma. Victoria has a secret and I think it’s these leggings. Haha, bad joke. And I rave about these sandals a lot but it’s only because I truly think they are the best item for everything! They’re comfortable so you can wear them for long periods of time and they literally go with EVERYTHING. And still over 50% off!! Check them out and definitely get them before they’re gone! This outfit is perfect for running errands, lounging around in, or cooking some s’mores around the campfire.