Give Me All Things Fall


Guys, I think American Eagle has turned into one of my favorite places to go. Not just for jeans because you know I love their jeans, but for sweaters! Just look at this adorable sweater. It makes me warm both on the inside and outside. The color is such a great fall color. It’s the definition of fall. The slits on the side make it easy to tuck in. They don’t have this specific sweater top anymore so I will link one below that is very similar. And it’s just as soft, maybe even softer!

These pants are phenomenal! You can get them in multiple colors. They look like a jean with the adorable pockets in the back but definitely have the feels of leggings. You could roll them up like I have or style them with some boots. And these boots tie it all together. They are easy to slip on and so adorable. Love, love, love them!