Arizona Bound


Me and my mini are flying to Arizona to visit Hunters family. We are so super excited for the heat! We have to take advantage of every last little bit that we can get before it starts snowing. And it’s supposed to start snowing in Idaho Falls this coming Wednesday!!! So glad I’ll be soaking in the sun. Paisley does NOT like the cold one little bit. She loves that heat!

When I fly though, I like to be in comfortable clothing because who wants to ride in a small, squishy airplane in uncomfortable clothing? No one. So leggings and this sweatshirt are definitely the way to go. This sweatshirt is so soft! I love it! I just got it in the mail and immediately was excited to wear it. And you guys know how much I love my leggings! These leggings are my favorite of all time!! These are fuzzy on the inside so they keep me nice and warm during the winter..and summer..and all year long. Lol! And going through security is such a hassle when you have to take everything off, including your shoes. So I always wear sandals. Easy to get off and easy to slip back on. Especially having a baby I have to go through with too. Here’s to hoping that this plane ride goes well and that Paisley enjoys every minute of it!!