Monday, March 5, 2012

How to Organize the Baby Cabinet

So, I know that I can’t be the only mom that has “that” cabinet in their kitchen.  You know, the one that you open and it looks as if a bomb has gone off inside.  No matter how many times your clean it out or try to straighten it out, it always end up just as messy time and time again. 
For me, that cabinet is the one that hold’s all of my baby supplies like the bottles, bottle liners, paci’s, formula containers, snack containers, and many other things.  To be honest, I still had Brooklyn’s toddler sippy cups and snack bowls in there when Cash was born.  I had just thrown some of the new bottles (and ALL of their parts!) and a baggie of pacifiers in there.  Over the past few months, I have tried several different bottle brands, formula brands, and types of pacifiers.  I usually would just throw things back in and shut the door.  Pretty soon the cabinet looked like this-
  organization of cabinet 002
You know when your husband notices how messy the cabinets are that they are bad. So I found these adorable Easter printables from Ink Tree Press (really cute stuff!!!) and decided to use them as labels for inside the cabinets. I LOVE the colors on these printables so much- I have a feeling that I’m going to be using them for many things!
organization of cabinet 015

I also got some white baskets from Walmart (for super cheap!) that I used. Originally, I was going to attach labels to the baskets but decided not to since I did not use a basket for everything.
organization of cabinet 009
I had many things in the cabinet that were old and just stuff that I didn’t even need.  I think that it turned out great, especially now that I can see everything. 
organization of cabinet 019
organization of cabinet 017

I actually feel much better knowing that when I open this cabinet, things will not be literally falling out and that I can actually see everything in there.  This also makes it great for the hubby to find stuff too. Do you have any cabinets (or even closets) that you just keep avoiding to clean out?  I’m so glad that this one is finally done!
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  1. This cabinet looks so good! I need to do this whole house!!

  2. Hi, I just came across your blog. Love those labels and your organized cabinet. I am now following you thru LF :)


  3. Thank you for sharing pics of your organized baby cabinet! I am about to tackle mine and your post is my inspiration, but I was wondering, why do you have a 'do not use' section? If these are items that you don't use anymore, why give those items precious space? Or do you have a system to your bottle use that requires a 'do not use' section?


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